XeroChat - Complete Messenger Marketing Software for Facebook

XeroChat – Best Multichannel Marketing Application

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25 Nov, Y v2.1
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PHP 7.x, MySQL 5.x
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This is best and white label multi channel messaging marketing script for Facebook. XeroChat is a Facebook marketing tool that helps you manage content and share on Facebook. This is a powerful and complete messenger marketing software for Facebook. It is an easy tool that can help you create a Facebook messaging bot to provide marketing and sales. Automate processes and configure messaging, comment bots, persistent menu, automatic comments on the post, synchronize existing messaging subscribers, broadcast promotional messages, publish content and much more. You can import unlimited Facebook accounts, unlimited Facebook pages. It is a multi-user system, so you can also create unlimited users.
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Bihar Masti

V1.1 has been released

Always match current updated dates with developer that is listed below. And Read our terms and conditions on product license and updates before making any purchase. Because we may OR may not do the free updates for this product.

#Future updates Not supported for this item

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25 Nov, Y

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