REST API for Perfex CRM

REST API for Perfex CRM

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13/09/2021 v1.0.3
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PHP 7.x, Perfex
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This is the REST API module for the perfex CRM script to connect your Perfex CRM with third party applications. This perfex CRM module allows you to use the REST API through your Perfex CRM. It includes a variety of useful commands to control your Perfex installation remotely, through third-party applications. The Perfex API operates over HTTPS and uses JSON as the data format. The API is a RESTful API and uses HTTP methods and HTTP status codes to specify requests and responses.
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A Mob

I really need this CRM 🙁

Always match current updated dates with developer that is listed below. And Read our terms and conditions on product license and updates before making any purchase. Because we may OR may not do the free updates for this product.

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