School Bus Tracker Android [Firebase]

School Bus Tracker Android App

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12 Nov, Y
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Android 9.0
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This is a bus tracking app for the school to track the location of the school bus. Download this Android source code to create the bus tracking app for the school. School Bus Tracker is one of the best GPS tracking applications for students and their parents. This app integrated with firebase and will allow students to track their school, university or university van, and they can also see the bus or van on the map with the function in real time. In this way, parents will also be able to track their children and know where the bus is at this time and also the address and duration of the bus arrival at the destination. The application allows users and drivers to register in the application separately and, after that, the bus / van driver can share their location with all users who use the application. It means that several parents will track their children's school bus directly on their phone and also easily and effectively.
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